Business and Corporate Events

Looking for a way to spice up your company outing? Thinking of an outdoor lunch for the team? Just looking for a way to pull your company out of the brown bag stupor of the sad desk lunch? BabyCakes Sweet & Savory is the perfect way to bring some excitement to your corporate events and business park lunches at the company campus.  Our unique menu and cooking style will leave your employees satisfied and buzzing about trying our delicious Cakes.  We'll pull right up to your headquarters and start serving.  No mess, no fuss.  Hire us for a fixed period of time or simply pay per serving.  Need more than one truck?  Our relationship with other food trucks allows us to accommodate. 

If you’re looking for a way to make a consistently delicious lunch hour for your employees – we can put you on a weekly schedule. If it's a special occasion, we’re happy to show up and feed everyone. Submit an Inquiry Form below. 


Private and Social Events

BabyCakes Sweet & Savory is an affordable private and social event catering service that is perfect for all of your party-throwing needs. Seriously though, why spend time cooking and cleaning up when you just want to enjoy the company of your guests? Hiring BabyCakes Sweet & Savory as event catering allows you to host a party with no worries. Perfect for baby showers, birthday parties, wedding showers, late night wedding treats, backyard parties, block parties and various special events. We can park in the back yard or driveway and start serving our full and affordable menu faster than you can comment about how charming we are. Submit an Inquiry Form below. 

Catering Prices

Affordable event catering is hard to come by. Finding a catering service that is affordable and delicious AND unique? Now we’re talking. Prices for BabyCakes Sweet & Savory start at $200 for the first hour and $150 for each additional hour.  Or we can arrange a pay per serving plan if the numbers work. We strive to keep our costs down.  BabyCakes' carts are self contained, licences, insured and all the menu items are made to order.  We accept Mastercard/Visa/Amex/Discover.


Typically, BabyCakes Sweet & Savory food carts are available for private and corporate events Mondaycthrough Friday from 8am breakfast service to late night service till 2am.  Our weekends are usually filled with festivals, fairs and public events that are planned months in advance.  On rare occasions, we'll have weekend availability or if we have a local festival during the day, we'd be happy to accommodate your nighttime event.  Please see our calendar on the Events Page for our scheduled dates.  If you plan to hire us for a 4 hour period, we'd be happy to adjust our scheduled activities.

The Street Cart

Parties of 20 to 100

Catering for parties of 20 to 100 gets you our 4ft by 8ft cart (look at her – a thing of beauty.) We can pump out about 100 orders an hour with our full menu, a bevy of hot and cold beverages and the flexibility to set up nearly anywhere. As far as catering for parties of this size goes – this is about the best you can get.

The Festival Cart

Parties over 100

Now if you’re looking into booking a food truck for a larger event like a block party, street festival, or similar event – we’ve got a 6ft by 16ft behemoth that can churn out 300 orders an hour. It’s got mood lighting, music, beverages and, of course, BabyCakes.

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